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21.03.2021 75 km / 40 km / 24 km / 14 km CT


Saturday 75 km (CT)  Start in Vindeln 09.00 am
  Relay race   Start in Vindeln 09.00 am
  40 km (CT) Start in Botsmark 09.30 am
  24 km (CT) Start in Akullsiön 10.00 am
  14 km (CT) Start in Överklinten 09.00 am
  FiINISH for all in Robertsfors  



  • 7-MILA in Northern Sweden is a special ski marathon race with a lot of tradition, in a Swedish cross-country skiing stronghold around the university town Umea.
  • The main race of the 7-MILA is the 75 km distance with start in the 2000 inhabitants village Vindeln (175m height), which is about 45 km from Umea. The track leads through beautiful Swedish forests and landscapes, where free-roaming reindeers can possibly cross the route. The first 23 km selectively ascend strongly up to the highest point of the route close to 300 m above sea leve.This is followed by 10 km of predominantly downhill. Before in Botsmark, where the 40 km distance starts, again follows a 3 km long climb with 100 meters of altitude.You'd think it would go downhill if you look at the route profile to the finish in Robertsfors, which is about 40 meters above sea level.  But the descents are interrupted frequently by steep climbs to the finish in the village of Robertsfors, which is about 60 km from Umea. 
  • Every 5 km is a food station at 7-MILA. The tracks are well prepared. There is something for everyone with the various starting places. It's definitely an experience to start at the 7-Mila. 


  • The charm of 7-Mila with the various starting points and a finish 75 km away for the main race, of course, also requires an organizational extra effort from the runners. There is already a flair of Vasaloppet at the 7-Mila. Probably, therefore, the 75 km race is considered as a qualification race for starting row qualification for the Vasaloppet
  • The organizers of the Euroloppet Champion Race in Umea have solved everything perfectly. From Robertsfors to the starting point there are shuttle buses. There are also shuttle buses from Umea to the starting points and back to Vindeln and Umea after the race.
  • Euroloppet recommends booking a hotel in Umea, which is easily possible. In addition, you can hire a rental car from Umea Airport, so you are flexible. You can explore this great area around Umea and visit the routes. On race day you can drive to Robertsfors and then take the buses to your starting point.
  • The race is a tribute to the region's cross-country skiing star, 1964 Olympic champion Assar Rönnlund, who has also achieved many other international successes in his career as a cross-country skier. 

Travel Information

Arrival by car

Arrival by plane

International Airport: Stockholm (Arlanda or Bromma)

Inland Airport: Umeå 

- several flights daily offered by SAS, Norwegian and Bra

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