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Murmansk Skimarathon / Praznik Severa - Russialoppet

26.03.2022 50 km / 25 km FT 27.03.2022 50 km / 25 km CT
Murmansk RUS RUS

Register for the race and apply for a visa - made easy

  • Euroloppet and the Russia Visa & Travel experts from PANEURASIA have developed a package for the Russian Euroloppet Champion Races.
  • You can register directly and apply for your visa. All formalities are taken care of. Airport transfer and hotel can also be booked directly.

visa fee 49 € (Euroloppet Passport members 45 € )                                       Here you can find all information


Saturday Baby Race (200 m) 10.40 Uhr
  50 km (FT) 11.00 Uhr
  25 km (FT) 11.20 Uhr
Sunday 25 km + 50 km (CT) 11.00 Uhr


The marathon in Murmansk has been part of the Polar Olympics since 1974. For a long time it was the only cross-country marathon in the USSR. More than 600 athletes took part in the first event, for many of them it was already a victory. Well-known cross-country skiers and Olympic champions such as Nikolay Zimyatov, Alexander Zavyalov, Vecheslav Vedenin, Sergey Saveliev, Vladimir Smirnov, Nikolay Bazhukov, Vasiliy Rochev, Evgeniy Belyaev, Alexey Prokurorov, Elena Vyalbe, Julia Chepalova, Svetlana Nageykina, Anna Bogaliy, Alexey Petukhov and many others took part and won the competitions.

Today the PRAZDNIK SEVERA, the Murmansk Skimarathon, is a Euroloppet Champion Race and belongs to the big international Skimarathon events.
The marathon program is constantly supplemented by new, shorter distances for cross-country skiers of all ability levels, and thus many amateur athletes take part in it in addition to the top athletes.

Track Profile

  • The event is well organized and has a special atmosphere with its challenging course across many rivers and challenging climbs.
  • Again and again the route leads over numerous lakes and enchanting rock walls with crisp climbs.
  • Cross-country professionals as well as amateur and amateur skiers will take part in the event.
  • They are all very welcome. It is a special experience to be present at the Festival of the North.

Video of the tracks


  • Murmansk is a city on the Kola Peninsula beyond the Arctic Circle.
  • It is one of the last cities founded in 1916 by the famous Romanov family. It was first named Romanov on the Murman.
  • Today it is the largest ice-free port in the world beyond the Arctic Circle.

Impressions of price ceremony

Travel Information - Experience Russia

  • For your questions about Russia-Travel Euroloppet Champion Races and Russia Visa please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • As a Russia travel expert, you will receive insider tips from me, as I have accompanied many tours myself.


Eduard Klein (travel consultants | Founder & CEO von Paneurasia)

Questions about the Experience Russia +49 341 221 71 501



Arrival by car

Registration - visa formalities -Transfers - Hotel


You can register here directly for the Russian Euroloppet Champion Races.

At the same time you apply for your entry visa for the Russian Federation.

  • Directly bookable is also the transfer from the airport - hotel/start and back to the airport.
  • the hotel can be booked as well
  • after the races a 2 day cultural program can be booked as well

Here you will find all the information you need



Arrival by plane

Airport: Murmansk

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