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The Bauers have been dealing with structures for cross-country skis for over 25 years.

Muck Bauer Sr. from Schleching has specialized in this special treatment for racing skis.
He grinds and prepares in the Biathlon World Cup and travels with athletes and technicians around the world to find cuts and structures
to develop and sharpen the fastest skis.

He honed countless series of tests in order to find the optimal structures for every Olympic, World Champion and World Cup location.
Initially for the athletes in the German Ski Association, later for the athletes in the US biathlon team.

Numerous medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships as well as top placements in the World Cup are based on the BAUER cuts.

EUROLOPPET offers, in cooperation with SPORT BAUER,

as part of the EUROLOPPET Racer Service

offers this special ski grinding service to all Euroloppet runners.


  • For your new skis
  • For the skis you have already run

The work steps:

  1. The surface is sanded flat
    All bumps are removed. The top layer of pavement is removed. Sometimes hand is made with special blades.
  2. Structuring of the covering / special sanding is applied
    The appropriate structure desired by the runner is applied in order to be able to withstand certain snow conditions and
    Temperatures to achieve the best possible sliding properties.
  3. Infrared - heat
    The surface is cleaned and dried. A thin layer of hot wax is applied, which, by means of infrared heat, can penetrate deep into the pores of the freshly sharpened skis.

The mystery of ski grinding

Some background information on the subject of ski grinding

The gliding properties of skis

Basically, if the base of a ski has certain surface structures, the ski glides better than a ski with a smooth surface.

Why is that?
When the ski glides in the snow, there is always a minimal film of water between the ski surface and the snow. This also creates a suction or suction effect on the ski, which more or less brakes the ski. A structure (grinding) on the base of the ski that is adapted to the snow conditions reduces this effect.

And now specialists and experts come into play, like a Muck Bauer.

Opposite is the selection of the cuts that are offered for the Euroloppet runners.
Special cuts can also be selected after a telephone consultation.

  • Ski shipping formalities (there and back) are of course possible.

Would you like to use the EUROLOPPET RACER service "BAUER WORLDCUP-Schliffe"?

Get in touch without obligation:
  • Phone:   0049 8649 - 326

  • E-Mail:

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