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by Euroloppet


BLIZ -  AUSTRIA RACER                  

- select your Euroloppet Champion races:

Tour de Ramsau - Dachstein 
- Ramsau am Dachstein

Tiroler Koasalauf 
- St. Johann in Tirol

- Leutasch / Seefeld Olympiaregion


The rules:

How can I become a BLIZ AUSTRIA RACER?

  • If you in one winter participate in two of the mentioned Euroloppet Champion Races in Austria, you are a Austria Racer.
  • Precondition is that you have a valid Euroloppet Passport.


Each AUSTRIA RACER receives of BLIZ a special reward for the service rendered:

The Swedish market leader in cross-country skiing eyewear, BLIZ, allows the Austria Racers to wear their world cup top products, such as Martin Johnsrud Sundby, Dario Colgna or Charlotte Karla.

Each BLIZ AUSTRIA RACER receives an individual grant to order his


BLIZ glasses.BLIZ supports you with 50% of the purchase price of your BLIZ Glasses!

- No matter what your BLIZ sports glasses cost !!!


If you have completed your second Euroloppet Champion Race Event, you're BLIZ AUSTRIA RACER and will receive your voucher Code.


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