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Registration and visa application for the Russian Euroloppet Champion Races

Nikolov Perevoz - Dubna   

Murmansk Skimarathon - Murmansk


The visa application to the Russian Federation with the Euroloppet partner Paneurasia Visadienst is no effort, if you prepare a lot in advance.
Euroloppet, with its competent partner Paneurasia, offers you a simple, compact, financially fair travel solution to the Euroloppet Champion Race NIKOLOV PEREVOZ and MURMANSK SKIMARATHON in Russia, including registration for the races.

  • Visa application for all runners from European Union and Switzerland

Euroloppet price for a visa to the Russian Federation:   49,- €
for Euroloppet Passport Holder: 45,- €

Requirements - Visa application

  • The validity of your passport goes 6 months beyond the date of return from Russia and the passport still has 2 free pages?
  • The passport does not show any gross damage; the pages have not been exposed to moisture?
  • As an owner of a foreign passport (e. g. USA, Italy, Austria, France etc. - with the exception of Switzerland) do you have a current registration certificate?
  • Do you have a recent biometric passport photo with a light background and no visible damage?
  • You have a confirmation from your International health insurance  not older than 3 months about the planned duration of your trip? If you don't have international health insurance, Paneurasia will arrange suitable travel cover for you starting at 11. 50 €
  • The Paneurasia Visadienst will issue the certificate of willingness to return for you.
  • Basically: For the entry to Russia a valid visa is necessary!
  • The visa application is made via one of the six Russian consulates in Germany or a Russian visa centre.

The easiest way:


  1. You register for the race here below and apply for your visa via Paneurasia at the same time.
    (The entry fee has to be paid on site)
  2. Paneurasia will get in touch with you and apply for and complete the visa formalities.
  3. You book the transfer from the airport - hotel/start - and back (note the times when booking the flight).
  4. You book your hotel via Paneurasia


Paneurasia offers you an all-round service for your journey.

For example
the invitation required for the visa
- the proof of willingness to return
- a suitable foreign travel health insurance etc.
...up to the two-day city tour through Moscow after the race

You book your flights individually, according to your transfer times. These will be communicated to you after registration.
(Flight booking also possible via Paneurasia - please inquire)

Registration to the race - the visa application

Registration to the Race and Visa application                                   Travel Info and offers

Visa Order Process

  • The registration for the Russian Euroloppet Champion Race and the application for your visa is done
  • Transfer from the airport, transfer of the route inspection and transfer to the start and back, transfer to the airport are also booked ?
  • Hotel is booked ?
  • You will immediately get a message from Paneurasia which documents are needed and the information about the trip.
  • You send the required documents by post by registered mail to Paneurasia Deutschland,  Postfach 50 01 54,   D-04301 Leipzig
  • You will receive your passport with visa by post directly to your home and further information about the trip.


Free advice

If you have any questions about Russia-Travel and Russia-Visa, please do not hesitate to contact me.

As a Russia travel expert, you will receive insider tips from me, as I have accompanied many tours myself.

Eduard Klein (Travel consultant | Founder & CEO of Paneurasia)

Questions about Russian visa   +49 341 221 71 501

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