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COVID-19: There is hope!

The current incidences in the countries of the Euroloppet Champion Races

After the past two winters, we were all very positive in early autumn that the Euroloppet winter 2022 would be "normal" again. But now, in December 2021, the pandemic has us fully under control again.
Many questions pile up.

  • Will there be Euroloppet Champion Races in winter 2022?
  • How are the races organized?
  • What do I have to prepare for?
  • And much more…

We currently cannot answer these questions and we do not want to try.
All of us together, the organizers, the athletes, those responsible, can only look at the constantly changing facts and derive our assessment of the situation from them.

The fact is:

  • The regional authorities in the different countries decide whether a Euroloppet Champion Race takes place.
  • The organizers have to meet the requirements and the athletes / participants have to adhere to them in the interest of the community.
  • There are local requirements which are decisive factors for the authorization to conduct a Euroloppet Champion Race. These are, for example, the incidences in the respective countries and regions.

Below are the current values ​​in the "Euroloppet countries".

Here there is the possibility to follow the current values:
Corona numbers worldwide - current COVID-19 statistics for each country 


There is hope that there will be Euroloppet Champion Races again in winter 2022.

Your Euroloppet team




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