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Pirkan Hiihto

01.03.2020 90, 52, 45
Pirkanmaa FIN Finnland
Euroloppet Partner Race What is a Euroloppet Partner Race?

The main track, Pirkka, is 90 km long, it is one of the longest one day ski races in Finland. We also have a 52 km track Tour-Pirkka (Retki-Pirkka) and a 45 km track Semi-Pirkka (Puoli-Pirkka). We also offer a possibility to take the 90 km challenge with a team. In Neliveto-Relay the 90 km track can be freely divided between 2-4 team members. Pirkka Backpack Skiing (Reppuhiihto) takes place on Saturday 9th March.


From 1955 to this day, Pirkka Ski Race 90 km has been cancelled only twice -In 2014 and 2017 there was hardly any snow and cancellations were inevitable.


Lindforsinkatu 5, 33720 Tampere
050-4085 111


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