Rolkowisko - Warsaw Open Champ.

Date: 03.09.2016 Location: Warsaw-Wesola, Rollsking track Rolkostrada Route: 1,3 km C, FT

RoLKoWISKO - Open Championships of Warsaw in Rollskiing!


On the September 3rd, 2016, fans of rollskiing will meet at Rolkostrada in Warsaw-Wesola, in order to emphasize and celebrate the passion for rollers and nordic sports. This will be the first edition of the event organized by both: rollskaters and rollskiiers NGOs: TNBiegowki and Polskater. Event will be performed on the on RoLKoSTRADA track, which was developed with funding from the Warsaw participatory budget.

Main intention of Rolkowisko is to promote rollskiing sports and outdoor physical activity for everyone.

The competition of rollskiing will have the rank of the Open Championships of Warsaw, and will be conducted at the distance of approximately 1300 m (sprint distance).

The competition will cover classification for competing on rollerskis classic and skate technique and for the cross skates (eg. SKIKE).

Registration for the event is open.

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