Vuokatti Trail Challenge

Date: 08.09.2018 Location: Sotkamo (Vuokatti), Finland Route: 22km, 42km, 57km and 115km

Vuokatti Trail challenge is a unique trail running experience around Vuokatti's finest hilly landscapes. The route of the event mainly runs along the hiking trails of Kainuu, Vuokatti. The Vuokatti Trail Challenge has 4 different distances: 22km, 42km, 57km and 115km. The final part of the route will go over the legendary 13 hill route which contains an admiring view over the wilderness of the Kainuu region and 115km runners will do that twice! The Vuokatti Trail Challenge is part of ITRA and therefore it is possible to collect points for UTMB events.

Contact / Infos

ContactKainuun Liikunta ry
Kisatie 28
87250 Kajaani

+358 8 632 590

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