Stelvio Marathon

Date: 16.06.2018 Location: Prad am Stilfserjoch Route: 42, 26

An unforgettable running race adventure on the second highest mountain pass of Europe.


Feel the primitiveness of the Venosta Valley and let you accompany through each km by the breathtaking natural and cultural landscapes until the arrival on 2757 m altitude.


Fulfill every runner’s dream.


The Stelvio marathon that starts at Prato allo Stelvio (915 m) passes by the medieval small town of Glorenza (907 m), leads you through the easy recognizable localities on the hillsides of the National Park of Passo dello Stelvio and gives you an open view to the marked mountain landscapes around the King Ortles.


The legendary bends of the Passo dello Stelvio road are expecting runners for a wonderful final experience.




Contact / Infos

ContactASV. Stelvio Marathon
Kreuzweg 4 C
39026 Prad am Stj.

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