The Euroloppet Racer - Gallery

Congratulations! You have achieved the entry in the Euroloppet Racer Gallery by your performance.

  •  Here you can find all results, you have achieved in the Euroloppet events.
  •  You are also allowed to order your customized Euroloppet Crystal trophies (here)

Your personal Euroloppet Gallery page:

  • Click on your name to get to your personal Euroloppet Gallery page.
  • Print your diploma, while clicking on the button „Diploma“.  
  • Publish some pictrues from you as titular  on your Euroloppet Racer or Euroloppet Champion page.

Your profile picture, pictures from the races, pictures with friends and pictures you want to share with all your Euroloppet friends.

- Prepare your pictures at your computer with a maximum size of 300 x 500 px.

-  Go to your Gallery page (Upload pictures) and login wiht your Euroloppet Passport number and your birthdate.

- Then you can easily upload your pictures from your computer.

If you have any trouble, the Euroloppet office will help you.    Phone: 0049 (0) 9924 77 00 680