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The Euroloppet Partner Race concept

From ski marathon runners / athletes

- made for ski marathon- / sports event organizers,

- made for athletes!

Welcome to the world of ski marathon runners

Cross-country skiers are also roller skiers, runners and bikers, . . . even endurance athletes
  • The European Union of Cross-Country Skiing Marathons ( EUC ) wants to give all ski marathon organizers the opportunity to present their event to the many cross-country skiers worldwide.  
  • But also all organizers of roller ski, bike or trail running events reach the target group of ski marathon runners.
    In summer every cross-country skier trains as a runner, biker, roller skier,. . . or in other endurance sports.
  • The entry in the SKI MARATHON KALENDER is the access to the Ski Marathon world.
    "Euroloppet" reaches over 250,000 athletes worldwide every year with its information and communication system;
    like Homepage, Ski Marathon Magazine, Facebook, Instagram, or directly at the races.
    The Ski Marathon Calendar alone is clicked by over 80 000 individual visitors per year.


  1.  You register your event by filling out the registration form.  
     -  at the bottom "Register your event here"  (All data and privacy policy)
    Attention! Choose your calendar (Ski Marathon, Bike, Trailrunning, Rollski)


  2.  You will then receive an e-mail with a confirmation link.
     - click to confirm, keep username and password!

  3.  So your event is a Euroloppet PARTNER RACE 
     - you are registered with your own organizer account

  4.  You can now enter your event via organizer account
     -  (username and password), all data, photos, descriptions, links.
     -  you can change your entries, photos, links at any time via your organizer account.


  5. The entry is free of charge

  6.   In return:
      - You have to ensure that the Euroloppet Partner Race Logo appears and is linked on all your event pages
      - The Euroloppet Partner Race Logo will be sent to you by e-mail.


  • With this project Euroloppet Partner Race / Ski Marathon Calendar the EUC wants to support the many organizers worldwide who offer good events to the athletes.

  • The Ski Marathon organisers will be networked and can use the EUC information channels free of charge.

  • For the runners, a unique service is created, which provides an overview of interesting events worldwide.


Let us use the synergies of our events,
to achieve common results,
which will be given to each individual organizer
the advantage in the medium term.

The advantages as Euroloppet Partner Race

  • Your race is registered in the
    Ski Marathon Calendar:    

    -  with data, information and photos
    -  Links to your event
    You generate your own organizer account free of charge.
    You can manage your site by yourself; set texts and photos, change them and set links.
  • The Ski Marathon Calendar is advertised/published free of charge for you:
    -  on Euroloppet Homepage
      (approx. 100 000  visitors per year) 
    -  with Ski Marathon Magazine (circulation 80 000)
    -  via Newsletter
       (approx. 30 000 Ski Marathon runners) 
    -  Distribution via the start documents of the races


Further possibilities of advertising:
(for a fee) 

  • Participation in advertising measures in the Ski Marathon Magazine (advertisements, editorial reports,) at special conditions.

  • Special - Newsletter for your Race

- if you are interested request about  

Services for the partnership

The project acts as a kind of self-help organisation for all organisers of ski marathon races and sports events, in which popular sport is also involved.

The aim of the European Union of Cross-Country Skiing Marathons is to unite all ski marathon races and to present interesting summer events.

The organizers are supported in their external presentation. The Skimarathon runners have a central platform that reflects the entire range of the Skimarathon scene.

In solidarity with all other organizers, each organizer makes the following obligatory contributions:

  • The Euroloppet Partner Race Logo - with a link to the Ski Marathon Calendar - will be placed on all pages of the homepage and linked.
  • The Ski Marathon Magazine or the Ski Marathon Calendar will be distributed separately to the participants at certain events via the starting documents. The organizer distributes the Ski Marathon Magzine in the starting documents of his participants. (This action will be clarified in advance and in good time by the EUC with the organiser) There will be no costs for the organiser.
  • The European Union of Cross Country Skiing Marathons will cover the costs for the website, publication in the Ski Marathon magazines (production, dispatch), the personnel and material costs for the project.


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