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Tour de Ramsau / Dachstein

15.01.2022 30 km / 15 km CT 16.01.2022 42 km / 15 km FT
Ramsau am Dachstein AUT AUT



Dachstein Nightrace (1 km FT / Einzel-Sprintwettbewerb )

07.00 pm


Dachstein CLASSIC (30 km / 15 km CT)

Dachstein Kids Race (1 km / 2 km)

Dachstein Mini Race (300 m)

10.00 am

01:30 pm

01.30 pm


Dachstein SKATING  (42 km / 15 km FT) 10:00 am

Track Profile

  • The trail network of Ramsau am Dachstein offers with up to 220 km the best conditions for pleasure-runners as well as top athletes.
  • At an altitude between the lowest point of 1037 m to the highest point at 1285 m, the Tour de Ramsau/Dachstein is held around the cross-country skier village Ramsau am Dachstein.
  • The start is in the World Cup cross country stadium in Ramsau. All routes are very selective. In mainly open terrain, descents and climbs alternate constantly. But there are always long and flat sections.
  • During the main competition on Sunday, the Dachstein Skating over 42 km, 546 meters of altitude are mastered and demand everything from the participants.
    On Saturday, a remarkable 480 m altitude over 30 km, await the classic runners, which are located around Ramsau am Dachstein and are very nice to run.As alternatives, the organizer also offers short distances of 10 km classic and 12 km in free technique.

All Track profiles and plans - here 


  • In January, the World Cup cross country stadium of Ramsau am Dachstein will be transformed into a meeting place for the ski marathon scene with the Euroloppet opening race, the Tour de Ramsau/Dachstein.
    Ramsau am Dachstein itself offers everything a cross-country skier's heart desires. As an official Euroloppet training center, Ramsau invites the ski marathon runners and, of course, the entire cross-country skiing world elite to run, already from september, the first snow kilometers on the Dachstein glacier. Perfect roller-ski tracks, ideal training running tracks and a hotel and gastronomy program tailored to the cross-country skier make Ramsau am Dachstein a year-round cross-country skier's village.
  • The Tour de Ramsau/Dachstein, with its main race, the Dachstein Skating over 42 km offers besides the classic competitions also something very special.
    As the world's only ski marathon organizer, the participants can also complete the three days - Tour de Ski. This is something for extreme runners. A 1 km sprint race starts on Friday evening under floodlights.
    On Saturday the 30 km in classic technique and on Sunday the 42 km at the Dachstein Skating, challenge every participant of this special rating. New in 2020 is the Mini Tour de Ramsau/Dachstein. This overall ranking consists of the Dachstein Nightrace (1 km/single sprint), the Dachstein CLASSIC over 10 km and the Dachstein SKATING over 12 km.
  • The center of the entire event is the environment around the World Cup cross country stadium of Ramsau am Dachstein. The starting numbers, meals and award ceremonies will be held in the adjoining event center. Wax service and exhibitors line up at the start and finish. Ramsau am Dachstein -  a cross-country skier village.

Travel Information

Arrival by car

Arrival by plane

International Airports:

  • SZG – Salzburg, 90 km
  • MUC – Munich, 251 km
  • GRZ – Graz, 179 km
  • LNZ – Linz, 155 km

airport transfer:

- Taxi Hubner, Tel. +43 3687 812270
- Taxi Erlbacher, Tel. +43 3687 81915


Onward journey from airport Salzburg:

 by train / by bus  / by rental car 


Onward journey from airport Munich:

by train / by bus / by rental car 

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