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Become a Euroloppet Racer!

How can I become a Euroloppet Racer?

  • Preliminiary condition is a valid Euroloppet Passport
  • You absolve in one season at least
    3 Euroloppet Champion Races
    (in 3 event locations)

  • short or long distance; classic or free technique




Your reward as Euroloppet Racer:

  • The Euroloppet Racer diploma

  • A Freestartvoucher for the next season for a Euroloppet Race, in which you didn't take part in the last season.

  • A START Racing wax with a worth of 50.- €

  • You'll take part in the Euroloppet Racer lottery* (Prizes with a value of several thousand euros are up for grabs)

  • Access to special products in the Euroloppet Shop

  • Adoption into the Euroloppet Racer Galerie (you can upload a picture on your own) 

  • The possibility to order Euroloppet Racer Trophies in the Euroloppet Shop

Become a Euroloppet Racer - PLUS


How can I become a Euroloppet Racer - PLUS?

  • If you participate in at least 5
    Euroloppet Champion Race
    ( 5 event locations) in one season
  • short or long distance; classic or free technique

Your advantage as Euroloppet Racer - PLUS

  • You'll get a Euroloppet freestart for the next season for a Euroloppet Champion Race of your choice!
  • and all rewards of a Euroloppet Racer


Legal notice:

The Euroloppet Racer Aktion is a voluntary service of the Euroloppet organizers and the European Union of cross-country skiing marathon races. The responsible persons want to offer more advantages for the Euroloppet Racers in their sports. The action is limited by time. Legal notice: There’s no right to a Freestart Voucher of a certain Euroloppet event. The right of a freestart is given until Freestart Vouchers are available in the Freestartpool. If all available Freestart Vouchers are distributed, there’s no more right to a Freestart Voucher. A transfer to another person, changing to another racer or refunding of the starting fee is not possible. If the starting voucher won't be encashed (in case of hindrance, illness, etc.) the demand expires.


* Conditions of participation:
All Ski Marathon runners, who participate in at least 3 Euroloppet events in one season and own a valid Euroloppet Passport participate in the lottery. The European Union of Cross-country Skiing Marathons (EUC) is organizer of the lottery for the Euroloppet Passport Holders. Winners will be drawn by the EUC after season's last race. The winner will be published at the webiste with First Name, Last Name and nationality. The winner will be contact via post and e-mail. The mentioned value of the prize is a guiding value and can vary depending on the prize. Charging to this value is not possible. The prize cannot be refunded in cash. Legal process is excluded. It's not possible to correspond about the Euroloppet Lottery.

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