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- Euroloppet Wax-Service


Order your Wax-Service man!


Euroloppet expands its Supporting Program for Euroloppet Passport Holders with a special service.

Together with the Finnish Euroloppet Partner, the Wax company START, Euroloppet will provide special wax service at certain Euroloppet Champion Races for all Euroloppet Passport Holders. .
The specialists of the company START offer exclusive, only for the Euroloppet Passport runners, an individual wax service by preliminary registration.


You can order your START Serviceman at the following Euroloppet Champion Races:

  •  Tour de Ramsau  AUT

  •  Int. Tiroler Koasalauf  AUT

  •  Ganghoferlauf - Leutasch AUT

  •  Skadi Loppet  GER

How does the START Euroloppet Wax-Service work?

  1. preliminary reservation via the following via the following
    regsitration form until Wednesday 00:00 h
    before racing weekend!
  2. 2. Choose the Champion Race, where you want to order your START Wax Service-man.

    Choose resp. Note:

    - which kind of and how many skis
       do give to your service man

    - Which kind of preparation do you want to have?

    - On which day and which
      time do you hand over your skis?
  3. Pick up of your prepared skis

    - When handing over your skis,
      the pick-up-time will be notified

Registration: START Euroloppet Wax-Service

Registration only possible for one Euroloppet event.

Registration: START-Euroloppet Wax Service

Euroloppet Passport owner / data
Select your Euroloppet event
Choose your preparation

Information about the handover of your skis on site

Ski handover times are:

Friday 14.00 to 17.30 h - for the saturday race
Saturday depending on the technique, for classic races
2 to 3 hours before start
  14.00 to 17.30 h
Sunday depending on the technique, for classic races
2 to 3 hours before start
  For Skating races only for finnish preparation

Registration on the spot for START Euroloppet Wax-Service is only conditionally possible.

  • There is no guarantee for acceptance.

  • Request at the Euroloppet booth

  • Only with your Euroloppet Passport at the Euroloppet Wax-Sercive tent

    Thank you for your understanding.

Waxing videos for active skiers and racers

Find new ideas and new knowledge

START shows you many applications - click here  


Example - here's the application of  START FHF 1

Waxing videos for active skiers and racers

Glider waxing - FHF 1
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