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  • You are not sure whether the fluorine-free START-RG Ultra wax brings the same results as a conventional high-fluorine wax?

  • Would you like to test the fluorine-free START-RG Ultra Liquid or hard wax in different snow conditions?

offers you a unique TEST try!

Test your START-RG ULTRA for 14 days


The START-RG Ultra Liquid with the
Sponge in the bottle on the sliding zones
Instruct. Dry for a few minutes
leave and then iron or cork.
Then brush and polish.
The RG waxes are based on a base wax
applied, as before with the fluorine waxes.

Not satisfied?

Then send the rest of the START RG ULTRA within 14 days
Ultra wax just go back to the Euroloppet shop!

• You will receive the START HF XT FLUOR LIQUID in exchange!

Select here which START-RG ULTRA you want to test:




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