Date: 05.03.2016 Location: Piteå - Schweden Route: Skiing: Luleå-Piteå 60km, Trundön-Piteå 22km; Bike: Luleå-Piteå 60km; Sled: Trundön-Piteå 22km;

Bottenvikens archipelago frozen sea water into sparkling winter coats, is the environment in which the course meanders through. A sunny and beautiful day it is like to ride in a postcard, in cornflower blue sky with spring sunshine, which started to height, warms us and gives us our first sunburn. A wide breathtaking view where only the horizon for miles off limits what we see. The next day, the landscape offer a strong wind that takes hold of us, forcing us to use the strength and conditioning we have built over the years. Nature gives us a real challenge and makes us realize that the ocean is powerful even in winter. We let ourselves reluctantly impressed by winter archipelago\\\'s inherent power.

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Olof Palms gata 2, 941 31 Piteå, Sweden (Sverige)
Telefon / phone: +46 70 269 99 88