2. Pröller Berglauf

Date: 09.07.2017 Location: St. Englmar Route: 6,5 und 10 km

As in 2016, the 2nd Pröller Berglauf is a wide-ranging sporting event for all mountainous Deandln and Buam - a combination of the popular sports in the sporty Bergdorf including biathlon shooting - with endurance battles.


The Haussberg Pröller can be conquered by mountain bikes, with roller skates or inliners, or even running. It is about 6.5 km and 339 m uphill and 161 mm downhill for the short distance (route 1) and about 10 km with 435 mm uphill and 257 mm downhill for the long distance (section 2).


Start of the mountain run is in Klinglbach at the Pröller ski lift valley station at the ski hut of Sport Greil.


Already on 31.05.2017, from 17.00 clock it is possible to run the course within the framework of the running shoe test with the company ON and to try out the Laserbiathlonschiessen.

Meeting point: Grün 3, 94379 St. Englmar

Contact / Infos

ContactWSV St. Englmar
Klaus Feldbauer
Grün 3 a
94379 St. Englmar
+49 175 180 777 1
mailto: klaus-feldbauer@t-online.de

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