Date: 26.09.2015 Location: Les Diablerets (Switzerland) Route: 56 / 27 / 13

Act III – September 26th , 2015


71\'000 ! we are neither talking about the height difference nor the number of kilometers for the 2015 edition. This is actually the total amount in euros or Swiss francs (pretty similar those days…) allocated to projects around disadvantaged children of Nepal in 2013-2014. This fantastic result is only thanks to YOU, subscription fees being totally donated ! With the recent dramatic earthquake, this third edition will obviously have very special perspectives.

Run-wise, the rich Nepalese wildlife will distinguish the three courses perfectly representing their lineaments : wild … and uncompromising !


3 alpine and technical trails, across the Vaud Alps ridges running alongside lakes and mountain hamlets.


• Baagh Trail, tiger trail : 56 km, 3\'500m. D+

• Yaka Trail, yak trail : 27 km, 1\'600m. D+

• Bhallu Trail, bear trail : 13 km, 900m. D+

... and of course, the Little Pixies trail with 1 or 2km



• The route is a loop around Les Diablerets, “100% solidarity, 100% alpine” !

• 2 qualifying points for UTMB© awarded to finishers (Tiger Trail);

• “Swiss-Nepalese” atmosphere;

• Daycare from 7 am (booking is required) including entertainment;

• «Live» follow-up on Internet through LiveTrail

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1073 Savigny

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