Marathon de Bessans

Date: 07.01.2017 - 08.01.2017 Location: Bessans Route: 30 km CT
42 km / 21 km FT

Bessans deserves the reputation of nordic skiing land due to its 80 kilometres of beaten tracks of all levels. Bessans, looking like Scandinavia, is one of the favourite destinations for the cross country skiing lovers.

A distinctive feature of Bessans is that it is one among the highest spaces for cross-country skiing in France and Europe with extraordinary snow conditions (to start with November up to the beginning of May). In Bessans the French teams come here to train and become acclimatized to the altitude. Bessans has a network of artificial snow in order to reinforce the natural snow.

Due to its altitude and early snow, Bessans is a place of training and adaptation to altitude for high level athlets. The Communaute de Communes de Haute Maurienne Vanoise has built a biathlon stadium, which welcomed, in January 2004, the Youth and Junior World Championship. In 2006 Bessans hosted the Europe Biathlon Championship (March) and the first French Summer Championship (September). From 9th to 11 th March 2007 one stage of the European Chanpionship has take place here. And at the end of september, for the first time in France, the world championship of summer biathlon will take place here.

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