Sumavsky Skimarathon

Date: 23.02.2019 - 24.02.2019 Location: Kvilda Route: 46 km / 23 km / 8 km FT
45 km / 23 km CT

The town with the highest sea level in the Czech Republic lays in the middle of the painterly Außergefild-layers. The goldes sheds are the reason why the first winners of gold came to this unhospitable region in the 14th century

The goldsand was washed in the streams "Kvildsky" oder "Jezerni". Today these places are an archeological sight of the Czech Republic. Another pregnant happening for the progression and population was the expansion of the "Horní zlatá stezka" (Goldener Obersteig) Since then Passau was bounded with Kasperské Hory (Bergreichenstein). The way also passed Kvilda. In 1356 Karl IV traced out the way and in 1366 salt wasdelivered from baveria and back came especially beer, malt and hops etc. The first written mention about the town was in 1569, because of a dominant town wich belonged to the large estate "Velkostatek zdíkovský". Not only the population was the reason for Kivilda to become a major town of the central-Böhmerwald. Kvilda had a lot of economic potential. There are not only woodworking companys but rather glasworks and paperworks in Frantiskoy (Franzental). 1120 inhabitants was living in 180 houses in 1945. The germaninhabitants was forced to leave Kvilda. A of small number of inhomogeneous inhabitants was also moved. But this wasn't the reasons wich governed Kvilda but rather it was the construction of a border zone. Expressly the western border was subject to a a strict governmental system. 238 Inhabitants was living in 144 houses in 1950. Today Kvilda has a population of 170. The cadastral region of Kvilda (4517 ha = 5719 m2) includes the not any longer existing town Bucina (Buchwald). Kvilda (3131 ha = 7712 m2) and Bucina (1385 ha = 8007 m2).

Today Kvilda is a importent holiday centrum of the central-Böhmerwald wich offers the tourists over 750 beds in 19 institutions. Kvilda has also a town hall, a post authority, a food shop, abakery, a sports shop, a drugstore, ski hiring and bike hiring. The information center of the town Kvilda and the information "NP Sumava" (National Böhmerwald) cares about the tourists.

The communal-development, public meetings and photographs could be visited at the exposition of history of Kvilda and Bucina (Buchwald) in the town hall. The cadastral area of the community is in the national park Sumava. The obtained environmental ist he requirement to another development of the tourism. Kvilda offers with the attractive "Jezerni slat" (Seefilz), the 6 km distant Moldauquelle and the Buchwald unique views on the surrounding of the Böhmerwald.