Krkonošská 70

Date: 12.04.2032 Location: Špindlerův Mlýn (CZE) Route: 70 km; 50 km; 25 km FT

One of the oldest races in Europe called "KRKONOSSKA 70" Starts again in Spindleruv Mlyn in the area of St . Peter . It will be the fourth time in its history , the Giant 70 is part of the series " TRACK FOR LIFE " . It is a combination Krkonošské 70 and other cross-country races.

Race you can log in as usual five-member patrols, and for the fourth time in a row as well as an individual. Log in Thus everyone can. What to Krkonošské 70 waiting for? There will also be a mass re-heated tents, warm meals in the entry fee, refreshment stations with energy drinks, gels and sticks, dressing room and safe ski room, as well as sales and special events. Above all, you will enjoy the experience of the oldest comb factory in the mountains.


Krkonošské 70 to 60 years meet athletes to measure their strength not only with the rigors of the Giant Mountains and the unpredictable weather, but also with themselves. Along with being a participating patrols will also test the strength and team spirit, which is a five-member group, the basic building block. Each year, 70 participating Krkonošské around 1,000 competitors divided into patrols. Some hold K-70 plant, others like hiking tour with a leisurely pace. All but combines the same goal: to travel within the time limit prescribed track. Just imagine the difference between the fastest and slowest team is sometimes nearly 5 hours. There are intentionally not written the best or the worst, because every participant deserves great recognition. With great humility, however, we compose the best compliment

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