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Become Czech Racer

by Euroloppet and Stopa pro zivot


CZECH Racer                   

- select your races:

Šumavský Škimaraton - Kvilda 
Euroloppet Champion Race  

- plus a Euroloppet Partner Race 

  • STRABAG Ve stopě Zlaté lyže  - Nove Mesto
  • Jilemnická 50 ZP MV ČR          - Jilemnická
  • Karlův běh České spořitelny     - Karlovy Vary
  • Krkonošská 70 LAWI                - Špindlerově Mlýně 

The rules:

How can I become a CZECH Racer?

  • If you in one winter participate in one of the mentioned Euroloppet Partner Races in Czech Republic and on the Euroloppet Champion Race Šumavský Škimaraton, you are a Czech Racer by Stopa pro zivot.
  • Precondition is that you have a valid Euroloppet Passport.


Your reward as CZECH RACER worth over 100 €:

Every Czech Racer wins!

Each CZECH RACER receives the Czech Racer Beanie 2019


START WAX made in Finland 

- supports every CZECH RACER with a
  high flour race wax START HF 6 (worth 54 €)                                                                                    



- supports every CZECH RACER with a Czech Racer Set:

1x drinking bottle
1x Ski Willy Beanie
1x first aid kit
1x lunch box
worth € 49.95!

Each CZECH RACER 2019 will receive a coupon code.

When ordering in the Ski Willy Shop (no matter what amount) he will then receive the CZECH RACER Set for free.

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