Vuokatti Trail Challenge

Date: 20.08.2016 Location: Sotkamo (Vuokatti), Finland Route: 23km, 42km, 100km

Vuokatti Trail Challenge is a trail running event in the wilderness of Kainuu and North Karelia. Challenging trail running route with nice sceneries is mainly based on the UKK hiking route.

Traditionally, Vuokatti has been known as a ski resort. The area has a modern downhill ski centre with slopes and ski tracks, as well as an international training and sports centre at the Vuokatti Sports Institute. In the past few years the area has concentrated on building programmes for ‘all seasons’. In particular, Holiday Club Katinkulta has developed its summer and indoor activities. As a result, Vuokatti has now become one of the biggest all-year-round tourism resorts.

The Vuokatti holiday resort is located in northern Finland. Connections to Vuokatti are short and convenient, whether you arrive by car, bus, train or plane.

Vuokatti offers great downhill skiing facilities, wide-ranging ski tracks and spectacular indoor activities; from a spa to a 16-lane bowling alley. Summer visitors are impressed by the pristine golf courses, clear waters, the unspoilt nature, providing lots of outdoor activities, and the numerous summer events.

What is the best thing about Vuokatti? Some would say the attraction is the ski tracks, the slopes, Vuokatti Sports Institute or Holiday Club Katinkulta. Some come to Vuokatti for a cottage holiday and to spend time in the peaceful surroundings.

The diversity of answers only goes to show the richness of Vuokatti. Visitors can join in the many annual events and entertainment on offer. There are plenty of guided and independent activities to occupy you.

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