Int. Skadi Loppet

Date: 18.03.2017 - 19.03.2017 Location: Bodenmais Route: 17 km / 32 km FT
24 km / 42 km CT

In the Bavarian Forest among the biggest connected woody mountains of Germany is Bodenmais located. Bodenmais is the biggest tourism spot of the Bavarian Forest mainly because of its healthy, well-wooded low mountain range climate. The mild climate in the valley, the strong climate in the highs, the pureness in the air. The typical weather of Bodenmais, felt of many like sparkling champagne, is often used for a climate treatment at the health resort. Bodenmais is a town with a climate beneficial for one's health. In the shut down galleries of the Silberberg mine there are many different therapeutic applications. Besides tourism Bodenmais is also processing crystal. For example all World Cup trophies of the international skiing association FIS are produced in the crystal factory Joska in Bodenmais.

Bodenmais is not only a very popular place for tourists but also the most snow reliable area in Central Europe. Bodenmais offers a broad variety of recreation possibilities: from health holidays over active adventures to spa holidays. The guest finds a lot of offers and a hotel industry and gastronomy which is looking for him/her.

Every year in March Bodenmais becomes the Mecca of cross-country skiers in Europe. The Skadi Loppet is the season's finale of cross-country skiers in Central Europe. The date is unique in Germany and shows how snow reliable the cross-country skiing area is in 1100 to 1400 meters heights. 1990 the Skadi Loppet was carried out for the first time and since then it took place every year without snow problems. 2006 a record snow height of 300 cm in the skiing stadium Bretterschachten was measured at the Skadi Loppet.

The crystal adventure in Bodenmais - Connect the Skadi Loppet with a visit at Joska Krystal. Dive in an enthralling world of crystal, which has fascinated the people for many centuries. Unique nature makes you forget your everyday life and gives you calmness and relaxation. Enjoy and have a great time at the Skadi Loppet with its nature experiences in the Bavarian Forest - the pearl in the middle of the crystal street.

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