16. Baikal Russialoppet

Date: 20.04.2018 - 21.04.2018 Location: Maksimikha, Republic of Buryatia Route: 50 km / 30 km / 20 km / 10 km / 5 km FT

The marathon was founded by Aleksandr Ushakov, a well-known coach from Ust-Barguzin, who decided to prolong the skiing season by training on lake ice in spring.

The specialness of Baikal Marathon is that it passes on the ice of the deepest lake in the world. The water depth under the track reaches about 200 m. The surface of the ice undermelts forming bigger crystals which allows the skier go at almost 30 km/h and significantly eases the process of mastering skiing skills. This sort of ice even has a special name among the locals – “shah”. Breathtaking views, bright sun and snow of stunning white purity greet the sportsmen.

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