Book your Wax-Service man!

Euroloppet is expanding its supporting program for Euroloppet Passport holders with a special service.

Together with the Finnish Euroloppet Partner, the Wax company START, Euroloppet will provide all Euroloppet Passport holders with a special wax service for certain races. 
The specialists of the company START offer exclusive, only for the Euroloppet Passport runners an individual wax service by appointment.


How does the START Euroloppet Wax-Service work?

  • Advance reservation and registration via the following registration form
    till wednesday 0.00 h before the race weekend:
  • Choose a race where you want to book your START Euroloppet Wax- Service

          Which and how many pairs of skis do you give your serviceman?

          Which preparation do you wish?

          On which day and which time do you hand over your skis?

  • Pick up of your prepared skis

          When you hand over your skis you will be informed about the pick up time.


„Waxing your skis with professional tips" - this is, how START chief Harri Aaltonen describes the campaign. With this model we want to offer another special service for the Euroloppet runners. In addition to the Euroloppet supporting prices which all Euroloppet Passport holders receive on START Waxes, we will pass on our know-how from the world cup". 

The latest news from the world cup are used by the START service team.

Registration: START Euroloppet Wax-Service

Registration only possible for one Euroloppet event.

Euroloppet Wax-Service

Euroloppet Passport owner / data
Select your Euroloppet event

I'm booking my Euroloppet wax service for the following races:

Please indicate below which skis are handed over to the Euroloppet Wax Service Team.
Then choose your desired service. Indicate the day and time when you submit your skis to the Euroloppet Wax Service Team.

Euroloppet Wax-Service Program

I am booking the following service for the race selected above:

Information about the handover of your skis on site

Ski handover times are:


14.00 to 17.30 h - for the saturday race

Saturday    depending on the technique, for classic races 2 to 3 hours before start
14.00 to 17.30 h
Sundaydepending on the technique, for classic races 2 to 3 hours before start
For Skating races only for finnish preparation

Registration on the spot for START Euroloppet Wax-Service is only conditionally possible. There is no guarantee for acceptance.

- Request at the Euroloppet booth
- Only with your Euroloppet Passport at the Euroloppet Wax-Sercive tent

Thank you for your understanding.